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In life, it’s all about perspective. 

To the naked eye you look and see a picture taken from beneath the surface of the water. You may get that sense of unease in the pit of your stomach as you realise how eerie those figures look. 

Perhaps you noticed the cloudy effect beneath their bodies and wondered what the cause of this was? Did you notice how gangly and surreal the man to the right looks, his body just hanging so fluidly? … Did you notice how only one person wears flippers and how their body shape is so different to the others? Others … did you wonder who they were and what they were doing?

To look at the picture from its true perspective the eeriness is even more apparent. Your sense of unease will be heightened. For this image is upside down.

Turn it around, take a look and see the bodies falling from the air, plummeting headfirst into the ocean. That cloudy effect you thought was beneath their feet is actually the cloudy sky of this dark, dark day where a chilling mist lurks about the surface of the water. The swill of the ocean and the reflection of the sunlight on its surface harbour the only brightness of this image.

Now you know the truth, do you wonder why they fell from the sky? Do you begin to wonder if they are human or if this is a supernatural occurrence … after all, you felt that sense of unease didn’t you? Do you think they will survive the fall or have they fallen to their imminent death?

As I told you right at the start, it’s all about perspective … because not all is always as it seems.

Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash (inverted)

Writing prompt provided by Creative Writing Ink 11/04/2019

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